Wednesday, 10 November 2010

More Pictures

Can't really be bothered with a blog entry today so will try one tomorrow.

Until then, more sick photos!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Fucking animals

I adopted 2 rescue rats last week and had them down the vets today as I think they have respiratory infections. Slight issue as I was down to my last 30 notes and a vet is about 28 alone, let alone to meds they'd need. Called the place round the corner, got them booked in, borrowed a pet carrier from a friend and thought I was sorted.

I knew it'd be an issue to get them in the carrier, they're not quite settled with me yet, but eventually got them in there and braved the walk to the surgery, which I think scared them both shitless.

Problem is the vet I showed up at isn't where I booked the appointment.

Called the other vet, rebooked the appointment for 3 hours later. After wandering home again and seeing just how far the original vet is from my flat I figured sod it, called the place I was walked to and from and managed to get one there half an hour later. So no real point walking back.

Got there on time and wound up about 40 minutes late to see someone, then had to do a lot of on-the-fly blagging to get them to give me the meds on credit, but managed in the end.

Got to give them this liquid antibiotic twice a day for a week. One of them is ok, she grabs hold of the syringe and happily drinks it. The other has to have it hidden on the only food she'll eat there and then, no matter how much she's given - rice krispies.

So for the next week I got to spend 30 minutes +, twice a day, dropping bits of antibiotic on individual rice krispies and feeding them to her. Do any of you have any idea how many of those little bastards 1ml of liquid takes up???

Still hopefully, in a week or so they'll be fully cleared and moved in with my other two.