Friday, 4 February 2011

3 Months on.......

And I can finally be arsed with all this again. Mainly cos I have hours to fill.

Ok so last update I was working at the hospital. Left there because the NHS is a fucking disgrace, a sieve for fucking fundings and it drove me mental.

Seriously, I saw a director spend £120 on a mouse. The reason for it was the shape. Turn your mouse on it's side and hold it as you normally would, so your thumbs over the lase. The forefinger and middle finger are where the buttons were. THAT is apparantly worth £120 of my taxes??? Fuck you.

Next up was the prison.



For people deemed detrimental to society they don't half get the fucking considerations in there! You're not allowed to refer to them as inmates, (we were told to use 'residents' for fucks sake, but I dont think this is true of every nick), everything stops according to them and they say what they want to who they want without punichment.

That said each and every one of them were better people than most of the fucking staff.

Now, i'm working security and it's brilliant. I sit in a room, on my own, with a laptop, a broadband dongle and a 1.5tb external drive, drinking tea, watching films and being paid for it. No people to deal with, no bullshit hassle, not even any actual work.

Should give me more time to start doing this shit again, but i'll only really bother when I have something worth saying I guess.

Rest of it in short - the 2 rats settled in fine, have all 4 in one cage now but one of the new ones has a fucking huge lump on her side, so that's probably gonna do for her in time which is a shame, flatmates moved out so I'm on me own and fucking loving the space from other people's shit and the ex girlfriend has finally accepted it's not gonna happen and seems to have left me alone.

All pretty upbeat for a blog called "Everythings Shite"


  1. That sure is a lot of money for a lil mouse.

  2. +1 for having a security job and doing virtually nothing like one of my past jobs

  3. Thats a joke, if i had the guts i would pick a fight with that doctor. But its mabey best to keep your job.

  4. Lucky bastard I WISH I could get a security job.
    How hard was it to get that job of yours pal?
    Was it easy friend? Did you work hard for it buddy? Hey guy, you there?

  5. man good thing you got this off your chest seems as if you had this bottled up for a bit

  6. Shame about your rat friend, mine died in December. I love keeping rats, they're so much nicer than other rodents.

  7. lol cynicism is great :D

    morning coffee'd

  8. Wow, that's some crazy stories you have there.

  9. Man I don't know how to tell you this... but you misspelled Shit